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units to tell proposed tenants if smoking is allowed and others to ban them at major fairs. >>> muni is hoping for $24 million makeover. the new communication network is up for approval by the board of directors today. it would mean new integrative fiberoptic cables and uninterruptible power lines. the hope is that the new technology will enable muni to diagnose problems more quickly and then make adjustments cutting down on delays for passengers. >>> there's a move to rename the san francisco airport after gay rights pioneer harvey milk. supervisor david campos introduced the legislation today. milk was a san francisco supervisor in 1978 when he and then mayor george moscone were shot to death by former supervisor dan white. >>> coming up after years of denials, a confession comes from cyclist lance armstrong. >> up next, did he dope? oprah opens up about what he told her in an interview. >> and all they have to do is apply the worldwide retailer that's offering jobs to any vet who wants one. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5
,000 matches in this part of the united states and they talk about how much work it was and ordering all these matches. >> reporter: and then at around 10 p.m., this map of the u.s. made of tens of thousands of matches was lit on fire on purpose. it got out of control causing about 5,000 dollars in damage. it's part of an exhibition called, they hate us for our freedom. here's another part of the demonstration. we found this video on youtube. here's the artist claire fontaine who didn't want to speak citing an arson investigation. neighbors weighed in. >> i get it. it's an interesting piece. it makes a point. >> reporter: the fire department sees it differently. >> kids don't have to play with matches. just don't do it. the guy didn't know what he was doing. he shouldn't have did what he did. but again, it's out of our hands, now the police are investigating with the city attorney. >> reporter: and ultimately it is going to be up to the district attorney whether or not criminal charges are filed. live in the mission anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank
smoke inhalation and burns to the arm. none of the other four units in the building were damaged. the cause is still under investigation. >>> a consultant for pg&e says the company had property safety measures in place before the deadly san bruno explosion. the consultant testified before the state public utilities commission last week defending the utility against allegations its pipeline safety program was lax. pg&e promised to overhaul its system after that explosion back in 2010. it killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. >>> overtime is taking a bite out of the muni budget in san francisco. 22 of the biggest overtime earners in the city last year why muni employees. they racked up a total of $18 million in overtime. 10 muni supervisors made more than $100,000 in overtime according to the "chronicle." >>> and a pizza chain has settled a complaint with san francisco that it did not follow the city's health care law. the company will spend $320,000 some of that about $200,000 going to current and former employees who were eligible
. helicopter and kay noon units were used in the search. he was last seen wearing an orange jumpsuit and blue sweatshirt. >>> police are looking for a suspect who tried to take a daughter out of her own arms. it happened on the 200 block of dale court in east san jose. according to the mother, a man came up to her, said something, then grabbed the little girl's legs, then tried to pull her away. mom struggled, hanging on to her daughter. eventually, the suspect ran off. he's described as a man in his twenties, wearing a red baseball cap. the mom said he smelled like automotive oil. >>> he left behind a wife and child. the city of san jose's first homicide victim has a family and they want answers. alisa harrington has their plea to the public. >> we don't want to wake up every morning asking the same question why and who. >> reporter: why 34-year-old yvonne segura was killed and who did it? the husband and father from san jose who worked as a barber was found shot to death outside of a house on tripoli avenue last sunday, january 6th. his death
illegal immigrants to stay here in the united states. >>> bp's guilty plea is approved by a federal judge. the company will pay $4 billion in penalties for the 2010 oil disaster in the gulf of mexico. bp pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges and to perjury for lying to congress about the size of the broken well. the company is also paying out nearly $8 billion to settle private lawsuits from gulf coast residents and area businesses. >>> a couple of minor earthquakes shook northern california it morning. the biggest, 3.0 at 8:45 a.m. followed by a 2.9 a few seconds later. the earthquake's epicenter is near cobb in the boggs mountain state forest north of sonoma. the area has seen five earthquakes in the last 7 days. >>> state lawmakers want to give you more notice when an earthquake is about to happen. >> earthquake, earthquake, earthquake! [ beep beep ] >> that's what would you hear on your cell phone, computer or perhaps your television if a proposed early warning system is put into place. it would give you as much as 60 seconds warning to take
. according to the united states federal reserve, americans on average only save 3.6% of their income. what we should be saving upwards of 10%. and if you are counting on social security, plan on socking away 12 times your current income too. because getting old can get expensive. >> i have seen clients pay upwards of $13,000 a month for round the clock care in their homes. it's very expensive. >> reporter: and then there's housing. bringing us to tip number 3. you shouldn't spend more than 25 percent of your income on where you live. a tall order here in the bay area. but keeping this rule of thumb in mind might help you stash some cash into your 401(k) or ira. >> cheers! >> reporter: this couple rents two bedrooms of their home to offset their mortgage and help them reach their financial goals. >> stay in the house and retire here and burn that mortgage paper. >> reporter: and they talk money every saturday in an effort to track their progress. >> we're acutely aware of what's in our accounts and when we decide to use credit. >> reporter: a small price to pay for peace of mind and the more p
was born. tracked this down from the ident unit. looks like you. mug shot, huh? guess ma was right. what was he arrested for? disorderly conduct outside a bar. just the one time.ed for? could happen to anybody. paper said he was killed down on wharton street, 1500 block. any idea what he was doing down there? see the calluses? perfectly manicured nails. your pop a musician? don't know. your mother ever mention anyone else, dad's side of the family? nothing. that's why i'm here, detective. when you find anything... sure. um... we'll let you know. (sighs) well, the dad was a reverend. billy played the organ at his church. only people interviewed were, uh, friends, family from the congregation. what's a church boy doing hanging down on wharton street friday night? think i know. ain't seen one of these for 30 years. you got to get out more, will. (chuckles) check out the bee in theiddle. vip pass to the hive. after-hours jazz spot back in the day, just a block from where billy was killed. he would have been a regular. were you a card carrying member, too? (snorts) i wish. you had a jack of c
was played. tallulah was one of the oldest chimps in zoos at the united states and will be missed by staff, visitors and fellow chimps. she had been a favorite at the san francisco zoo since she arrived in 1967. none for her expressive face that some say resembles yoda and her habit of playfully wrapping herself in blankets. she died sunday. she had heart failure and breast cancer. >> i don't think it was necessarily a surprise for us but it still is stunning and shocking to lose someone who really was very much a part of our zoo family for years. >> reporter: tallulah was the oldest animal at the zoo in her mid-50s and it lived there the longest. her death is hard on staff who say she had a strong connection with humans. before coming here, she had been raised as a pet. >> she was a very intelligent chimpanzees. she had a personality that was larger than life. >> reporter: her loss a surprise to visitors, met with her picture and announcement of her passing outside the chimp exhibit. >> that's really sad. we come here all the time. >> report
of issues that he talked about yesterday is something that we can unite behind, that we can come together to act on. >> reporter: republicans on capitol hill are planning to challenge much of the president's second term agenda. they are agreeing with one of the president's demands but there's a catch. tomorrow, house republicans are expected to pass legislation that allows the government to borrow money to pay its bills for the next few months. >> the fact that the house republicans have made this decision is certainly something that we welcome. >> reporter: but the deal demands democrats in the senate do something they haven't done in four years. pass a budget. >> the last time the senate passed a budget the ipad wasn't even invented yet. >> reporter: crews outside the capitol are cleaning up from the ceremony where politics took a backseat. but it will be front and center with lawmakers back at work. randall pinkston, cbs news, washington. >>> a sign that opposition to abortion may be fading. the supreme court ruling legalized abortion in 19
and the elderly are at the highest risk for flu-like complications, in fact 29 children in the united states have died so far this season. live in san francisco, melissa har ring son, cbs 5. >> it is day three of that dangerous algeria hostage situation, still limited information coming out. while up to 100 hostages are celebrating their freedom today the fate of up to 60 others is still unknown. negotiations are still counting with the group that kidnapped hundreds there. the militants claim to still be holding up to eight americans there. >>> the body of a chicago lottery winner was exhumed. he died as he was about to collected his winnings, his death was ruled a result of natural causes but a relative requested a closer look. tests showed he was poisoned, now a second autopsy is being performed. >> lance armstrong now admits he used performance enhancing drugs throughout his cycling career, as our reporter tells us he says at the time he was doping he did not think he was cheating. >> lance armstrong's long awaited confession came after oprah winfrey's
million illegal immigrants already in the united states. it would require those who have no serious criminal background to register with the government, pay a fine and back taxes. congress has not attempted to overhaul the nation's immigration laws since 2007. republicans rejected a bill that george w. bush supported because it was amnesty. senator john mccain is behind the latest plan. he says the gop should help it become law in order to win over hispanic voters. >> look at the last election. we are losing dramatically the hispanic vote which we think should be ours for a variety of reasons. and we have to understand that. >> reporter: tomorrow, president obama is traveling to las vegas to lay out his vision for immigration reform. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >>> so, do you have super bowl fever just yet? still ahead, california senators start making bets. what's at stake besides the lombardi trophy. we're in the big easy ahead of the big game. do you know the proper way to say new orleans? the locals will let us know next. >>>
to a bus behind me. a mobile respiratory treatment unit. the ferry was on its way from new jersey to manhattan when it slammed into this pier while it was trying to dock. the crash tore a hole in the corner of the ferry and shattered a window. >> it hit the right side of the boat on the dock hard like a bomb. >> reporter: the seastreak is it a high-speed catamaran, it was carrying more than 300 people at the time of the crash. investigators are on scene trying to figure out what caused the accident. and we now have new numbers of how many people were injured today in the crash. we are now hearing that as many as 70 people were injured, two critically. live in lower manhattan, i'm alison harmelin. >> we understand the ntsb plans to spend a week in new york investigating the crash. can you tell us what kinds of things they will be looking for? >> reporter: an entire team actually just walked behind me about 15 minutes ago. there were at least a dozen members of the ntsb and here's what i'm going to assume is going to happen. one, this is a ferry
. >>> in today's healthwatch, the flu is spreading fiercely across the united states with 41 states reporting widespread activity. that's going to cost employers and businesses big time. in a big way. according to the centers for disease control and prevention, the seasonal flu will cost businesses nearl $10.5 billion in costs for hospitalizations and outpatient visits for adults. and that doesn't include costs like sick pay, work delays and lost productivity. cdc recommends everyone six months and older get vaccinated. >> they are tight. >> definitely a struggle to get into that. >> you start feeling numb tingling burning. >> another fashion, another frustration for doctors. they are seeing a rash of patients with [ indiscernible ] or skinny jeans syndrome. it happens when the nerves around the hip bones are pinched mostly by tight clothes but can also happen to women who are pregnant, people who are obese or have diabetes. doctors say it can take weeks or even months for the tingling, numbness or burning sensation to go away. so stay away from tight je
. >> it's the wave of tolling in the united states. it's already happening in europe. and it's more cost-effective. >> reporter: testing for the new electronic system began early this morning. >> we have all the computers in place, all the software in place. and so we're testing the license plate reads and majoring sure all the account functionalities are working. >> reporter: a golden gate, highways and transportation district approved the move in january 2011. it was in large part to help cut costs. >> we have a $66 million shortfall here at the bridge, a five-year shortfall. and fastrak tolling is about 25 cents a transaction. manual tolling is over 80 isn't a transaction. >> reporter: the way it works, if you drive through the toll, the sensors will look for fastrak. if not, cameras will take pictures of the license plates. drivers will have the option of setting up an account that automatically pays tolls through your credit card, or paying at one of the new tee yos, around the city. if you do nothing and just drive through, you will be mai
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14